Teacher Appreciation Week!


Fun week ahead with Teacher Appreciation Week! In case you haven’t received your letter from a contact parent in your child’s room, here’s a list of next week’s events (remember all items are optional, and teaches favorite items lists are available through your contact parent):




BIG LEAGUE DAY—wear your favorite pro team shirt
PTO Event—Snack Break Popcorn Bar
Class Treat—Bring your teacher’s favorite sweet treat



MVP DAY—wear your teacher’s favorite color
PTO Event—Breakfast of Champions
Class Treat—Bring your teacher’s favorite drink



COLLEGE STAND OUT DAY—wear your favorite college team shirt
PTO Event—Recovery mini Massages
Class Treat—bring your teacher’s favorite salty snack



EQUIPPED TO WIN DAY—wear your favorite hat
PTO Event—Concession Stand Luncheon
Class Treat—Bring teacher’s favorite school supplies



TOP TEAM DAY—wear your favorite Wilson Shirt!
PTO Event—Training Obstacle Course
Class Treat—Gift Cards & Fan Mail (bring in a hand-made thank you card)


Email any questions to ashley@greatdaygraphics.com! Favorite lists for Special Area, Special Education, EAs, and Front Office are also available.


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