The name of this Parent Teacher Organization shall be the Wilson Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization hereinafter referred to as WES PTO.

ARTICLE II: Mission Statement

To link home and school by encouraging parental involvement in all aspects of our children’s academic careers.

ARTICLE III: Objectives and Purposes

The objective of this WES PTO shall be to develop a united effort between teachers, parents and our community to secure the highest advantages in physical, mental and social education. WES PTO is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

ARTICLE IV: Membership and Dues

Section 1: Any person who is interested in the objectives for which this club is organized and is willing to uphold its policies and abide by its by-laws may become a member upon payment of dues as hereinafter provided.

Section 2: The annual dues shall be as prescribed by the Executive Board.

Section 3: The total amount of dues collected shall be retained by the WES PTO to be used by said WES PTO for the objectives outlined in Article III. Money to be used by for the exclusive use of Wilson Elementary School unless there is a majority vote of the WES PTO.

ARTICLE V: Officers and their Elections

Section 1: The officers of this WES PTO shall be (2) Co-Presidents, a Vice President, a Secretary, (2) Co-Treasurers, a newsletter coordinator, and Grade Level Representatives. These officers shall be elected annually by a show of hands and/or paper ballot. If there is but one candidate for any office, by motion from the floor, the election may be by voice. Officers shall remain in the office until their successors are elected. Current board members shall be allowed to re-run in their specific position for the next school year for up to one (1) terms unless there are no other candidates for that position.

Section 2: Elections will be held during the last General Meeting of the school year as to be determined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will advertise said meeting with no less than (2) notices to General WES PTO Members. All members of the WES PTO may participate in the election.   The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for election. Any current or incoming WES parent is eligible for nomination to the PTO Board.

Section 3: A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled for the unexpired term by spoken vote and majority rule of members present at the next General WES PTO meeting. If a vacancy is not filled, the Co-Presidents shall deem another Executive Board member to substitute on this vacancy until it is filled by the end of the first General WES PTO meeting. The Executive Board shall make known a vacancy in any office other than President. However, should a vacancy occur in the office of the co-Presidents, the Vice President should immediately assume the office. The vacancy in the Vice President shall subsequently be filled in the manner described above.

Section 4: Removal of an officer of the WES PTO shall be accomplished by a 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board members present at a special meeting of the Executive Board.

Section 5: The Nomination Committee shall be responsible for receiving all suggestions for persons to serve as officers. The committee shall prepare a slate of officers to present for election by the membership. The committee shall contact all persons who will be nominated to confirm their willingness to serve by nominee signature. The committee shall insure that all nominees are voting members and otherwise eligible to serve in the office.

Section 6: The term of each officer shall be one year, beginning and ending at the last General PTO Meeting in Spring respectively. Immediately following the election, the newly-elected officer shall begin working in tandem with the outgoing officers’ term. Only the outgoing officer shall have voting authority during this period of transition.

 Section 7: Executive officers of the WES PTO shall work as a cohesive team to achieve the objectives and purposes as stated in article III.

Article VI: Duties of the Officers

Section 1: The Co-Presidents shall preside over all meetings of the WES PTO and of the Executive Board; shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee; shall appoint special committees and shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to the office. In the event of a tie only one vote shall be counted for the office of Co- Presidents. In case of the absences and/or inability of the Co-Presidents to perform the duties of the office, the Vice President will carry out the responsibilities set herein. The Co-Presidents should be willing to dedicate 2-4 hours per month for meetings.

Section 2: The Vice President shall act as an aid to the Co-Presidents and perform the duties of the Co-Presidents in their absence or inability to serve appropriately.

Section 3: The Secretary shall keep a permanent and accurate record of all meetings of the WES PTO and of the Executive Board meetings. These records shall be available for examination by any member of the WES PTO upon request at any time. Current copies of minutes will be available in the mail room of the Main Office at WES. He/She shall conduct all correspondence as requested by the Co- Presidents.

Section 4: A co-Treasurer shall receive all monies of the WES PTO; shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures; shall pay out funds only as authorized by the Executive Board for up to Five Hundred dollars ($500.00). Any amount in excess of Five Hundred dollars ($500.00) will require the approval of the WES PTO at the next WES PTO meeting. All accounts shall require the signature of (1) co-Treasurer and (1) co-President.

a.) The Co-Presidents retain the right to spot check/audit all financial records, invoices, expenditures at their discretion.

b.) If the co-Treasurers are unable to be present at any event the WES PTO is sponsoring or is participating in the WES PTO shall utilize a direct accounting using the Cash Control Form with no less than two (2) signatures from (1) WES PTO Member and (1) Executive Board to verify all monies counted are true and correct. The Treasurer shall retain these records for the duration of their position.

c.) All bank statements and check book registers MUST balance. In the event of an major adjustment needed in the WES PTO checkbook, there shall be approval from the Executive Board.

d.) The minimum balance at the end of the school year in the WES PTO checking account must be no less than One Thousand dollars ($1,000.00).

e.) The Non-Profit Charter must be renewed with the State of TN at the end of our fiscal year. Our fiscal year ends July 31. The renewal fee must be filed via e-file or computer print-out by November 1 of each year. The co-Presidents shall be the designated agent for the State of Tennessee Department of State Charter for Nonprofit Corporation and will see that said charter is renewed with fee paid annually. Said charter must also be registered with the Rutherford County Clerk annually.

f.) Co-Treasurers will see that the appropriate tax statement is filed with the IRS by December 15 of each year.

 Section 5: “Newsletter Coordinator

The Newsletter Coordinator shall prepare and distribute the WES PTO newsletter to classrooms according to the schedule determined by the Executive Board. Coordinator needs to submit the newsletter to the Executive board one week prior to printing for editing and approval. Additionally, he/she shall assist other board members with appropriate event advertising.

 Section 6: Grade Level Reps

Grade Level representatives shall be the liaison between their respective grades and the Executive Board. Specific duties are to include, but not be limited to:

 Teacher appreciation week – help in recruiting volunteers

 Chili supper – making sure classroom baskets are wrapped, helping coordinate grade level activities

 Coordinate meals for any teacher that is out due to sickness, surgery, birth of a child, etc.

 Serve on membership committee

 Birthday greetings for teachers

 Help in finding volunteers for TCAP Proctors


Section 7: All officers shall surrender to their successor’s official materials and binders at the close of their service of office at the designated WES PTO office on WES property.

ARTICLE VII: General Meetings and Representatives

Section 1: REGULAR MEETINGS. At least four (4) General Membership Meetings of the WES PTO shall be held during each school year. The time and place of the meetings shall be announced at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Section 2: SPECIAL MEETINGS. Additional meetings of the WES PTO may be called, either by vote of the Executive Board or by petition of a majority of the WES PTO members. The time and place of all Special Meetings shall be announced at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Section 3: VOTING. A majority vote of the members present at any meeting shall be required for all action to be taken by the WES PTO.

Section 4: MEETING PROCEDURE. Meetings will include the following information:

a.) Welcome of Members

b.) Call to Order

c.) Reading/Distribution of minutes of the previous meeting

d.) Treasurer’s Report

e.) Principal’s Report

f.) Committee Reports

g.) Old Business

h.) New Business

i.) Announcements

j.) Adjournment

ARTICLE VIII: Executive Board Designations

Section 1: The Executive Board of this WES PTO shall be composed of the elected officers, the principal and/or his/her representative and one teacher representative.

Section 2: The duties of the Executive Board are designated as follows:

a.) To transact necessary business in the intervals between WES PTO meetings and such other business as may be referred to by the WES PTO.

b.) To approve the plans and work of the standing and special committees deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

c.) To present periodic written reports of all committee work, progress and decisions made by the Executive Board at each Executive Board meeting. These reports may also be presented at the General meetings of the WES PTO at the discretion of the Co-Presidents.

d.) To approve payment for services rendered and any approved invoices incurred by the WES PTO.

e.) To approve all electronic or written communication to be distributed from the WES PTO.

Section 3: It shall be the duty of the Executive Board through the cooperation of the principal and teachers to determine the needs of Wilson Elementary School so as to attain the objectives set forth in Article III.

Section 4: Meetings of the elected Executive Board shall be held during the school year or at a time to be chosen by said Committee. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the Co-Presidents or by a majority of the members of the Committee, and will be held with a quorum present to be open to the members of the WES PTO. Five or more persons from the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE IX: Standing and Special Committees

Section 1: Standing committees shall be created by the Executive Board as may be required to promote the objective and interests of this WES PTO. The Chairperson of the standing committees shall be selected by the Executive Board. Their term of Chairperson shall be one year and/or event.

Section 2: No Chair Person(s) will have any Executive Board allocations or voting privileges during said term.

Section 3: The Chair Person of all Standing or Special Committees shall present written plans of work to the Executive Board at every Executive Board meeting to be discussed and approved.

Section 4: Special Committees are event specific Committees. They are appointed for short terms and serve only until the task assigned is completed.

Section 5:  Chairpersons will be responsible for coordinating bulletin board design at least two weeks prior to event and removal of said design no more than one week past event.

ARTICLE X: Audits of All Financial Records

Section 1: A financial review committee shall review the WES PTO books annually before the books are turned over to the new Executive Board. The committee should consist of the current co-Treasurers and the Co-Presidents and the incoming co-Treasurers, along with at least one other current member of good standing. This committee will match every financial request with every receipt. The committee’s report will be submitted to the Executive Board at the first general meeting of the new school year. The committee will be appointed by the Co-Presidents and approved by the Board.

ARTICLE XI: Funds, Budget and Reimbursements

Section 1: To be reimbursed a WES PTO Reimbursement Form must be completed. You must submit the Reimbursement Form with the receipt to the Treasurer. If it is not an item written in the budget, the Executive Board must decide on approval for reimbursement.  If a reimbursement request for products is denied a reason will be given and the purchased products will be returned to the one making the request. If reimbursement is approved, then reimbursements will be made by check only.”


Section 2: There must be a minimum checkbook balance of Two Hundred dollars ($200.00) in the bank account at all times during the school year.

Section 3: WES PTO funds should go directly from the school to the bank for deposit. If the bank is not open, monies will be stored in the school safe, see school Bookkeeper for more information on safe usage; if safe is not available the funds must be verified by two (2) Executive Board members. Upon the absence of a co-Treasurer, an Executive Board member will take home all monies in a sealed money bag. WES PTO funds should not be taken home under normal circumstances.

Section 4: A letter will be written to the payee of returned checks that are written to WES PTO. The letter will contain a copy of the returned check, a request for the written amount and the fees charged to WES PTO by the bank. The WES PTO reserves the right not to accept another written check from said payee after multiple returned checks; the check will be returned to the payee upon receipt of cash, money order, or certified check. A copy of this policy will be viewable on WES PTOʼs current website and on any table in which the WES PTO is conducting business transactions.

Section 5: A budget of anticipated revenue and expenses for the year will be determined by the Executive Board. The budget will be published at least seven (7) days prior to the first General PTO Meeting. The budget will be presented for approval. Any substantial deviation from the budget must be approved in advance by the membership. All expenditures within the realm of the approved budget are authorized expenditures.

Section 6: Upon the dissolution of the WES PTO, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

ARTICLE XII: Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern WES PTO in all cases to which they
are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these by-laws.

ARTICLE XIII: Amendments

These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the WES PTO by a
two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, provided the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous meeting of the WES PTO.